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Farm Fresh Local Vegetables & Fruits Available 2023 Season

We continue to evolve and adapt through the years and now into 2023. This is a time when we have all experienced a totally different view on our food, resources, grocery shopping, shortages and isolation; We are opening our vegetable box program to reach more people who need and want it. We are offering boxes of our farms harvest on request. Starting June 13th, 2023 you can email, text or message here on our website for a box pick up. With one days notice you can pick up next day or schedule one for another day.


We occasionally  have delicious extras we include from local shops and makers as well. So if you are hoping for a jar of honey, eggs, locally made cheese, or bread let me know and I can include that too.  

If you're interested in eating healthy, local, no spray, organically grown food at home we can even deliver if you are unable to pick up at our farm. Our harvest boxes are also great to pick up whether you're heading out camping, a day trip to the lake, or need to bring a special gift of local food to a friend. We really hope you'll consider choosing a box of locally grown fruits and vegetables from Wild Root Farms.

As we find ourselves experiencing changing and scary new climates, the need to change and make a difference is more important than ever. One thing we can do is choose organically grown, sustainable food that improves soil, lowers carbon use, and creates a closer link between families and their food.


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