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How we came to be Wild Root Farms

Updated: May 2, 2018

Our property is 3 acres. When we first moved here almost six years ago there were no gardens or animals. We were a family of four, our second son was just born and we didn't have a plan. Having previously lived in a townhouse where the land maintenance was done by a hired company, we were quickly overwhelmed with cutting the grass over the whole property. It became a trying chore that took 2 hours at least every weekend.

After my second maternity leave from my desk job at City Hall I knew I wanted to be outdoors. Sitting at a computer all day - I felt my life was passing me by, and I couldn't even feel the sunshine or rain. I was working out a gym in the evenings to keep feeling healthy, and reading about how sitting and staring at a computer all day wasn't healthy. I began selling home-made casseroles to co-workers, and my husband and I were very interested in starting a bigger, more successful business.

I had also spent a year before that working at a large show garden, and definitely had a feel for working through rain or shine, and the kind of muscle involved in full time gardening. I knew that lifestyle of being outdoors, and keeping fit while doing something meaningful was attractive to me, but I didn't know how I could fit it into my life.

I do remember the moment I pushed a stick through the grass into the soil on our property that I wanted to plant a garden. I recalled my parents frustrations over the rocky-clay like soils in our family yard growing up. Adding sand, adding soil, picking rocks - it was a difficult start and never really improved. The soil on our property was nothing like that at all - it was amazing!

I started with a herb garden. We removed all the grass by hand, with shovels... and eventually dug out several large rectangles gardens at the front of the property. The next year we removed even more grass and our garden space grew. Eventually we removed another large section of grass from the back of our property and added a 50' greenhouse.

We added chickens, a donkey, two bunnies, sheep, goats and two barn cats.

I started selling boxes and bundles of veggies, flowers, homemade bread and baking over Facebook, and to a local Deli shop. With my husband Jeremy working full time at his desk job, we poured over gardening and farming books in the evenings, and weekends. We became a family of six - with our four little boys. We spent our weekends at home, digging, raking, tilling by hand, and unloading truckloads of compost and soil. We bought heaters and lighting to start our seedlings in our garden shed, and drew up plans and projections.

We became Wild Root Farms.

We've been doing a CSA (veggie box) program for three years. (We took a leave from our CSA and markets for one season as our fourth son joined our family in February last year.) We've also been selling our produce at Farmers Markets in Chilliwack, Yarrow and Langley, as well as eggs, and other wares.

We have lots of exciting plans and ideas - and I can't wait to share them!

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